maandag 2 december 2013

S stands for ........

The background of this spread was an experiment. I saw a video by Andy Skinner the other day where he used this technique. I started out by gluing down the most ugle cheap scrap paper I could find in my stash over the entire page, a picture of a peacock. It did have lovely bright blue and green colours though.
And no, you don't see the peacock anymore, I'll explain. You cover the D.P. with 2 layers of acrylic varnish. Then you cover the entire page with acrylic paints (preferably in a colour opposite from the ones underneath). Now here comes the trick: you drop some acrylic retarder on the wet paint. Then you let the paint dry completely (you can't use a heat gun, so you will have to be patient). After drying you take a piece of kitchen roll and let it soak up the retarder which will stell be wet. Then you take a dry piece of kitchen roll and simply wipe away the paint which was underneath the retarder and which is still wet. This is the result:
The digital stamp is by Kenny K. and I printed her quite large in orde to make her fit the page. That did make her a lot more fun to colour in. I printed her twice to use on a card (which makes her a lot smaller) and just about needed a magnifier in order to colour her up LOL!  At least now I could manage with my regular glasses.

And then finaly I owe you the word:

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