zondag 14 juni 2015

Dina Wakly inspired

This week I am showing you a Dina Wakly inspired face. The background is also typically Dina's style.
I painted the face with acrylic paint and drew with the Stabilo All pencil, just like she does. I must admit that I drew the face with a regular pencil first and used the Stabilo afterwards, because I am having trouble with the black smudges this pencil gives when it touches fluids. Dina doesn't mind, and I must admit that on her faces it seems to fit, but it just doesn't fit my style. I do like the sketchy effect though that it gives as opposed to working with a marker.
That heart stamp in the left corner is my new Limor Webber stamp and I love it!!
 Hope you like this weeks' page. Have a great week, hugs Frea

zaterdag 6 juni 2015

Flowerfaces, inspired by a video of Shawn Petite

This spread was inspired by a video on You Tube by Shawn Petite. If you don't know her I strongly advise you to check her out, she makes wonderfull art.
So the background was made the way she did in this particular video.
This is how I started; I glued bookpages from an old book down and from an old leaflet about babycare. I wanted to keep some of the pictures showing through, but I'm afraid that plan fell apart.
I then scraped some gesso on with a palette knife and after drying did the same with some greens and blues. I drew out the stems and leaves with a pencil and stamped the flowers. They were coloured in with Inktense pencils. Along the bottom I stamped with an Indigo Blu stamp for some shrubbery.
I then made two circles, one the same size of the smaller and one of the larger circle stamp. Inside I painted mixed media faces with acrylic paint. The petals were cut out of a gelli plate print with a Magnolia flower die and glued on. Shading was done with a brown Pitt pen.
I stamped some gesso with bubble wrap here and there, and stamped the sentiment with a typewriter stamp set. The wavy bit was done with Archival ink and a stencil.
Hope you like my spread. I thank Shawn for her inspiration! Love her videos! Have a nice day you all, hugs Frea

vrijdag 5 juni 2015

Little witch in my first Moleskin journal.

Hello my lovelies, it's been a while, but I'm back! I have spent two weeks in a very rainy Portugal in May, and what do you do when it's pouring outside? Right, you craft! I had bought myself my very first Moleskin journal and I love it! Since we were flying I had very limited space for crafting stuff, and it was so surprising to find what you can do with limited resources. So I made this little witch. I had seen a picture on Pinterest that inspired me. After gessoing my page I drew everything out in pencil and then coloured it all in with Inktense pencils.Love the vibrancy of the colours.
The little face was done with acrylic paints and Neocolor II crayons. Love those too!
You can still see the stamped background here and there, really like that layered effect.
After drying I drew all the lines again with a black Posca pen, the one with the fine nib. I really like how she turned out, especially taking in mind that the face is pretty small. It measures about an inch in hight from the chin to the rim of the hat. After drying I doodled a little here and there and made some circles with a bottle cap from my deodorant.
The cobweb and spider where just drawn on by me at the very end. I felt a with needed either a black cat (which I found too difficult to draw) or a spider, which I can manage LOL!
I hope you enjoyed my little spread. More to come soon!! Have a great weekend, hugs Frea