zondag 14 juni 2015

Dina Wakly inspired

This week I am showing you a Dina Wakly inspired face. The background is also typically Dina's style.
I painted the face with acrylic paint and drew with the Stabilo All pencil, just like she does. I must admit that I drew the face with a regular pencil first and used the Stabilo afterwards, because I am having trouble with the black smudges this pencil gives when it touches fluids. Dina doesn't mind, and I must admit that on her faces it seems to fit, but it just doesn't fit my style. I do like the sketchy effect though that it gives as opposed to working with a marker.
That heart stamp in the left corner is my new Limor Webber stamp and I love it!!
 Hope you like this weeks' page. Have a great week, hugs Frea

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